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    Bowmanton 244S Substation Voltage Support Project (7083)

    Recent studies have shown the existing transmission system in the Medicine Hat area needs to be modified to reliably connect new generation in the area. The AESO is optimizing the existing system by proposing modifications to the existing Bowmanton 244S substation, which include the addition of three capacitor banks and three 240 kilovolt (kV) circuit breakers.

    Please see the documents below for more information on the need for this development.

    AltaLink Management Ltd (AltaLink) is the transmission facilities owner (TFO) in the area. While the AESO is responsible for identifying that transmission system modifications are needed, AltaLink is responsible for the modification and identifying locations for construction purposes. Please visit AltaLink’s website at for further information.



    Please contact us directly with questions or comments about the need for this transmission modification at or 1-888-866-2959.

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    • Oct. 12, 2022 Bowmanton 244S Substation Voltage Support Project