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    Participation under existing market rules

    Introduction and purpose

    In order to provide energy storage projects with clarity for participation in the markets under the existing AESO authoritative documents (prior to the implementation of the longer-term changes), the AESO has assessed the current authoritative documents and identified areas that could benefit from further clarity, based on questions being asked by the current energy storage project developers.

    The AESO intends to provide this additional clarity to stakeholders by developing or updating a series of information documents related to the current authoritative documents. The AESO wishes to ensure that it has considered the perspectives of interested stakeholders prior to the finalization of the content of these information documents.

    Amendments to information documents

    The AESO values stakeholder input and we thank you for sharing your perspectives with us. The AESO reviewed and considered this stakeholder feedback as well as the conclusions and rationale set out in the short-term market implementation requirements overview and the short-term operating reserves qualification and technical requirements and Alberta reliability standards overview documents to update and develop a series of information documents.

    The updated or newly developed series of information documents provides additional clarity in consideration of energy storage. To serve as a guide, the AESO developed Information Document #2020-013, Energy Storage Guide, which lists the information documents that have been updated or developed and provides general information applicable to all energy storage proponents. The updated or newly developed series of information documents can be found in the Information Documents section of our website.

    Additionally, the AESO revised the Overview of ESR – OR Qualification & Technical Requirements and ARS Applicability document to reflect updated diagrams and calculations. This updated overview document can be found in the Materials section below. The AESO’s summary of responses and updates to the feedback received is available here.

    Clarity that cannot be provided within the current legislative and authoritative document structure will be considered as part of the long-term storage integration phase outlined in the AESO Energy Storage Roadmap. It is expected that the AESO’s longer term storage work will result in changes to the authoritative documents, both to provide specific clarity as it relates to storage and to consider the uniqueness of energy storage.

    Stakeholder comments

    We value stakeholder input and we thank you for sharing your perspectives with us.



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