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    Recalculated 2006 loss factors

    Recalculated 2006 loss factors

    Loss factors are used to determine the transmission losses charges that apply to system access service under the following rates of the ISO tariff in 2006:

    • Rate STS, Supply Transmission Service 
    • Rate XOS, Export Opportunity Service
    • Rate IOS, Import Opportunity Service
    • Rate DOS, Demand Opportunity Service

    The AESO must recalculate loss factors and losses charges in accordance with Decisions 790-D04-2016 and 790-D06-2017 of the Alberta Utilities Commission in Proceeding 790, Complaints Regarding the ISO Transmission Loss Factor Rule and Loss Factor Methodology.  On July 28, 2021, the AESO advised market participants and other interested parties that it had corrected errors identified in system topologies used in the initial recalculation of Module C loss factors for 2006. For more information, see the update posted in the stakeholder engagement section of the loss factor page here.  The recalculated 2006 loss factors are provided here:

    Recalculated 2006 loss factors effective 1 Jan 2006 to 31 Dec 2006 [Corrected: Jul 28, 2021]   

    The AESO must provide additional information related to the recalculated loss factors. This additional information is provided here: 

    The initial loss factor postings for the third Module C settlement period, which have been corrected above, remain available below for the interest of stakeholders:

    Actual losses on the transmission system were 2,843 GWh for 2006 and the average loss factor for the transmission system was 4.97% for 2006.