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    Transmission costs

    Understanding the costs of a reliable transmission system

    The cost of providing reliable service to electricity users and grid access to the electricity industry is important to us all.

    Transmission costs—a simplified explanation

    All electricity users share the cost of moving power though Alberta’s grid. Transmission facility owners build, operate and maintain the grid, and recover their costs by charging for access to it. This appears as a transmission charge on the bill from your electricity service provider.

    The rates to be charged are established in the ISO tariff and are approved by the Alberta Utilities Commission.

    Transmission Rate Projection

    The AESO believes in openness and transparency with Albertans and prepares a long-term projection of transmission rates in Alberta based on a set of assumptions. The Transmission Rate Projection (TRP) is intended to provide stakeholders with information to aid in their planning and to provide residential consumers with an approximate projection of how much transmission costs they may pay in the future. 

    Download our current Transmission Rate Projection (2018-2037).

    Monitoring the costs of transmission facilities

    We're part of Alberta's Transmission Facilities Cost Monitoring Committee. It has 13 members in total, representing several consumer groups along with two independent government-appointed members. The committee was created by the provincial government to review the cost, scope and schedule of transmission projects costing over $100 million. It reports its findings twice a year to the Minister of Energy. The reports are publicly available:

    Utilities Consumer Advocate Regulatory Reporting

    Cost benchmarking tools

    All transmission facility capital cost estimates and final costs for projects built in Alberta since 2005 are entered into the AESO’s cost benchmark database. Our benchmarking tool helps forecast the cost of building transmission facilities, using this historical information.

    Accountability for transmission construction and reporting

    Transmission facility owners’ obligations to provide estimates and service proposals, project reporting and project procurement are detailed in independent system operator (ISO) rules 9.1 and 504.5. We've made a number of recommendations regarding these rules. You can find our recommendation paper and other information in this section.

    View our cost recommendations and related information here:

    Transmission Cost Accountability Recommendation Paper