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    Alberta - British Columbia Intertie Restoration (7006)

    Alberta’s interconnection with British Columbia is not currently operating to, or near to, its path rating. To restore the intertie, the AESO has determined additional equipment in close proximity to the existing 500 kV transmission line, called transmission line 1201L, is required, along with clearance mitigation work on specific portions of the existing 1201L line and upgrades to the 500/240 kV transformation capacity at the existing Bennett substation, near Langdon.

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    In addition to the above developments, the Chapel Rock-to-Pincher Creek transmission development proposed to connect the Pincher Creek area to the existing transmission line 1201L, will also contribute to the restoration of the Alberta−British Columbia intertie to, or near to, its path rating. Please visit for more information on the Chapel Rock-to-Pincher Creek Transmission Development.

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    Archived material

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