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    Renewable Electricity Program

    The Government of Alberta has tasked the Alberta Electric System Operator (AESO) to develop and implement a program to bring on new renewable generation capacity. Through the Renewable Electricity Program, an additional 5,000 megawatts of additional renewable energy capacity will be brought onto the system by 2030.

    To be eligible for support within the Renewable Electricity Program, projects must:

    • Be based in Alberta
    • Be new or expanded
    • Be five megawatts or greater in size
    • Meet the Natural Resources Canada definition of renewable sources

    Click here for the GOA’s news release

    The GOA requested that the AESO provide draft recommendations on its plan in May 2016. The AESO has delivered its recommendations to government for the Renewable Electricity Program. We look forward to the government’s review of our recommendations. For more information on next steps, please contact Alberta Energy.

    The AESO will be developing administrative aspects of REP in parallel with the government’s review of our recommendations. We may be reaching out to specific parties for insight on this work.

    Background and resources

    On November 22, 2015, the Government of Alberta announced its Climate Leadership Plan (CLP).

    The CLP outlines policy direction for the Renewable Electricity Program, including the principles of:

    • Ensuring the electricity system continues to be reliable
    • Accomplishing the transition with policies that fit with Alberta’s unique energy market
    • Using a market mechanism, such as auctioning, to keep the costs of renewables as low as possible

    AESO REP mandate letter

    Stakeholder updates

    Government of Alberta

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