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    Background and resources

    The Government of Alberta has tasked the AESO to develop and implement a program to bring on new renewable generation capacity. Through the Renewable Electricity Program, 30 per cent of generation in Alberta will come from renewable sources by 2030. 

    Renewable Electricity Report recommendations

    The AESO provided its recommendations regarding the REP to the Government of Alberta in May 2016. Recommendations were based on research and engagement activities between January and April 2016, including a third-party review of renewable procurement programs in other jurisdictions. 

    • To view the REP Recommendations please click here

    About an Indexed REC

    The first competition will utilize an Indexed Renewable Energy Credit (REC) or “Contract for Difference.”

    A REC is a way of paying renewable generators who win contracts through REP for the attributes they produce. A winning bidder is paid a $/MWh payment as follows:

    • The winning bidder bids a price that is, in essence, its lowest acceptable cost for the renewable project the bidder plans to advance. The competition puts downward pressure on the cost of renewable projects.
    • The dollar value of support paid to the winning bidder for renewable attributes produced is calculated by subtracting the pool price from the bid price.
    • It allows companies to competitively bid for the all-in price they need to develop a project. From the all-in price we subtract the pool price and the difference is how much is paid in support.