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    Section 202.6

    Proposed Amendments to Section 202.6 of the ISO rules, Adequacy of Supply

    Application approved

    In Decision 27604-D01-2022, dated Oct. 26, 2022, the AUC approved the proposed amended Section 202.6, and other consequential amendments to be effective on Jan. 1, 2023.

    An application for approval of proposed amended Section 202.6, and other consequential amendments was submitted on Aug. 26, 2022 to the Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC). For information regarding the application, or on the status of the proceeding, please visit the AUC’s eFiling site and go to proceeding #27604.

    Purpose and objectives

    Further to the Letter of Notice for Development, the AESO has determined that Section 202.6 needs to be revised to reconsider certain inputs in adequacy assessments, including removing the exclusion of wind and solar from the adequacy assessment in subsection 4(2)(b)(v).

    In alignment with the AESO’s current red tape reduction initiative, the AESO has also taken this opportunity to identify other amendments to Section 202.6 to eliminate unnecessary, irrelevant, or duplicative requirements. The proposed amendments to Section 202.6 would result in a reduction of 802 regulatory requirements, as defined by the Government of Alberta, and represents more than a 2.5% reduction of the AESO’s overall red tape count.

    In the AESO’s view, Section 202.6 can be amended to remove several requirements and detailed calculations without affecting the AESO’s overarching legislative duty to direct the safe, reliable, and economic operation of the interconnected electric system, and without affecting the overall objectives or the technical sufficiency of Section 202.6. The proposed amendments include:

    • removing the detailed calculations for short-term and long-term adequacy assessments in subsections 2, 3, and 4;
    • removing the requirements related to the procurement of and cost recovery for long-term adequacy threshold actions in subsections 7 and 8; and
    • administrative amendments to improve the wording of Section 202.6.

    For further details on the foregoing, please refer to the appended Proposed Section 202.6 Amendments and Rationales document.

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