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    Energy Storage Long-term Markets Participation

    Introduction and purpose

    This initiative is part of the long-term implementation of the energy storage integrated plan as detailed in the Energy Storage Roadmap.

    The purpose of this initiative is to enable energy storage assets to fairly access markets for which they meet the technical requirements through the development or revisions to AESO authoritative documents (ADs) and information documents. ISO rules for participation in the energy and ancillary services markets will: provide clarity for energy storage assets given their unique operating characteristics; support the safe, reliable and economic operation of the Alberta Interconnected Electric System; and, ensure the FEOC operation of the markets. This initiative builds upon the work completed for short-term implementation of energy storage integration which provides energy storage projects with clarity for participation in the markets under the existing ISO rules.

    Working with stakeholders, the AESO will outline and evaluate the options for energy storage participation in the energy and ancillary service markets. and if recommended, ADs will be reviewed and updated to foster investor understanding of market expectations to aid them when making future decisions.

    • <br>Oct. 1, 2020
      • Release Energy Storage long-term markets participation Options Paper
    • Session 1: <br>Oct. 14, 2020
      • Overview of short-term implementation
      • Outline of issues and options analysis for long-term energy storage market participation
      • Seek input from stakeholders on issues and options
      • Provide an opportunity for stakeholder to ask clarification questions prior to the submission of their written stakeholder comments on the Options paper
    • <br>Oct. 30, 2020
      • Stakeholder written comments due on Options Paper (follow up to the Oct 14, 2020 session)
    • <br>Nov./Dec. 2020
      • AESO consider written feedback
      • Host further engagements as necessary
      • Develop draft recommendation 
    • <br>Q1 2021


      • Release long term energy storage market participation draft recommendation
      • Stakeholder session on Long term energy storage market participation draft recommendation
      • Stakeholders have the opportunity to ask clarifying questions on the draft recommendation prior to submitting written comments
      • Stakeholders to provide written comments
      • AESO to consider stakeholder feedback to finalize recommendations


      • Initiate development of draft rules (if recommended) in coordination with the Energy Storage Roadmap