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    Long-term Transmission Plan

    Planning for our future electricity needs

    We publish our proposed transmission development plans every two years in the AESO Long-term Transmission Plan. It explains the general timing and location of transmission facilities required for the next 20 years to meet electricity needs, operate the electricity market, and support Alberta’s economic development.

    Our transmission plans are flexible, allowing for potential generation developments and changes in the provincial economy. They are guided by Alberta’s Electric Utilities Act and Transmission Regulation.

    2015 Long-term Transmission Plan

    The 2015 Long-term Transmission Plan identifies current and future transmission needs for a range of possible demand and generation conditions, and sets out flexible plans to respond to them.

    Download our 2015 Long-term Transmission Plan here:

    AESO 2015 Long-term Transmission Plan [Posted: November 23, 2015]

    Transmission system diagrams

    You can view simplified diagrams of the existing and proposed electric system here. While they roughly conform to Alberta’s geography, they are not intended to serve as maps.

    View our 2015 Transmission System Diagrams here:

    Single Line Diagrams (SLDs) [Posted: November 23, 2015]

    2013 Long-term Transmission Plan

    The 2013 Long-term Transmission Plan outlines the AESO’s proposed plans to 2032 based on information available at the time of publishing.

    Download our 2013 Long-term Transmission Plan here:

    AESO 2013 Long-term Transmission Plan [Posted: January 31, 2014]

    Regional plans

    Region-specific transmission plans for all of Alberta, containing study assumptions, reliability standards, planning process overviews and more are available in this section.

    Download our regional transmission plans here: