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    Load Shed Service for imports

    Load Shed Service for imports (LSSi) is a transmission system reliability product developed as part of our efforts to fulfill our intertie restoration obligation as mandated by legislation. LSSi is provided by load customers that agree to be quickly taken offline following the sudden loss of imports coming across the interties.

    This load shedding allows for arrest and recovery from frequency decay and preserves system stability. LSSi is used to manage frequency risk so import intertie capability can be increased, allowing additional scheduled imports to access the Alberta market without compromising system reliability. 

    LSSi resources

    LSSi procurement competition

    The term of the AESO’s current service contracts, consisting of 330 MW of LSSi from seven companies, commenced on January 2019 and continues until the end of 2021.

    The AESO remains committed to ensuring the energy and ancillary services markets continue to operate together to deliver a reliable, efficient and cost-effective electricity system. We have initiated a two-stage competition to procure LSSi for the next service period starting in 2022:

    LSSi Schedule WEB Copy

    REOI Stage (Sept. 17 – Oct. 7, 2020)

    The LSSi procurement competition’s REOI stage opened on Thursday, Sept. 17, 2020 and closes at 3:30 PM (MDT) on Wednesday, Oct. 7, 2020. The purpose of the REOI, which is non-binding for all respondents, is to assist the AESO in identifying parties to:

    • Express interest in the competition.
    • Provide information on prospective facilities.
    • Provide feedback to the Key Provisions of the Import Load Shed Agreement (ILSA) being proposed for the service period.

    REOI resources:

    Please direct any comments or questions about the LSSi procurement competition to

    RFP Stage (Oct. 28, 2020 – Late Q1 2021)

    The RFP stage will open on Oct. 28, 2020 and will be managed through a procurement site called Bonfire, which is accessed using a web browser. To obtain access to the Bonfire site, view the RFP documents and participate in the RFP process, participants will need to register and execute an agreement.

    The registration process for the Bonfire site will open following the REOI submission deadline of Oct. 7, 2020, and the agreement necessary to access the Bonfire site will be made available for participants.

    The RFP submissions will be due at 3:30 PM (MST) on Dec. 10, 2020, following which submissions will be evaluated with successful bidders selected in late Q1 2021.

    • 2018 LSSi procurement

      On May 1, 2018 the AESO posted a Request for Expressions of Interest (REOI) to procure LSSi for 2019 and subsequent years. The purpose of the REOI was to assist the AESO in identifying interested parties, and to provide key details related to the Request for Proposals (RFP) stage of the competition and the accompanying Import Load Shed Agreement. Additionally, the AESO hosted an LSSi information session on May 8, 2018 for interested parties.

      On June 1, 2018 the AESO opened the RFP stage for a contract term beginning January 2019 through to the end of 2021. The RFP attracted competitive interest and the AESO has subsequently contracted 330 MW of LSSi from seven successful proponents:

      • Slave Lake Pulp, a division of West Fraser Mills Ltd.
      • URICA Energy Real Time Ltd.
      • Millar Western Forest Products Ltd.
      • ERCO Worldwide, a division of Superior Plus LP
      • Ranger Board, a division of West Fraser Mills Ltd.
      • Alberta Newsprint Company
      • Alberta-Pacific Forest Industries Inc.

      The LSSi procurement was overseen by a Fairness Advisor at every stage to ensure the competition was administered in a fair and transparent manner, and adhered to all confidentiality requirements, policies and guidelines. To read the Fairness Advisor’s report for the LSSi procurement, please click here.

      We will continue to evaluate the need for, and timing of, reliability services such as LSSi and we will ensure the energy and ancillary services markets operate together to deliver a reliable, efficient and cost-effective electricity system.

      2018 LSSi procurement documents