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    Provost to Edgerton and Nilrem to Vermilion Transmission Development

    The existing transmission system in the central east area is reaching its capacity to reliably transmit electricity.

    New transmission system development is required to maintain the reliability of electricity supply to homes, businesses and industry in the area as demand for electricity increases. Transmission reinforcement will also provide expanded options to connect renewable generation, should it develop in the area.

    PENV key documents

    Provost to Edgerton and Nilrem to Vermilion Transmission System Reinforcement NID [Posted:December 16, 2016]

    Appendix A - AESO PENV Area Transmission Reinforcement Planning Studies
    Appendix B - AESO Load and Generation Forecast
    Appendix C - TFO Capital Cost Estimates
    Appendix D - AESO Participant Involvement Program (PIP)
    Appendix E - Commission Rule 007, Section 6.1 NID7(9)
    Appendix F - ATCO Electric Ltd. letter regarding Vermilion 710 Substation
    Appendix G - AESO Transmission Planning Criteria - Basis and Assumptions

    Previous plans

    In April 2014, we first informed stakeholders about our plans to cancel certain transmission system developments previously approved in 2011 as part of the Central East Transmission Development Amendment (CETD). As part of its application to the Alberta Utilities Commission for the proposed PENV transmission development, the AESO will also apply for approval to cancel certain unconstructed CETD components that are no longer needed.

    In July 2014, the AESO informed stakeholders of the need for transmission development referred to as the Vermilion to Red Deer, Edgerton to Provost Transmission Development (VREPTD). As part of its ongoing planning process, the AESO has decided not to proceed with that development. The Provost to Edgerton and Nilrem to Vermilion Transmission Development (PENV) is proposed to replace parts of the VREPTD. Further developments west of PENV may be required in the future, and if so we will notify you of our plans at that time.  

    Previous plans key documents

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