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    Dispatchable renewables

    The Government of Alberta has tasked the AESO with assessing how dispatchable renewables and electricity storage could benefit the electricity system as it transitions towards 30 per cent renewables by 2030.

    The AESO will carefully coordinate this assessment with ongoing capacity market design work and any future Renewable Electricity Program competitions.

    Stakeholder questionnaire 

    The AESO invites interested stakeholders to provide their views on dispatchable renewables and electricity storage in Alberta. Please complete this questionnaire by Feb. 14, 2018. In addition to your survey responses, if you have documentation you feel would be beneficial to the AESO’s assessment, please email it to

    This questionnaire is being used to collect input from a wide range of stakeholders to establish and evaluate viewpoints and plans relevant to the Dispatchable Renewables & Electricity Storage Initiative. 

    The AESO appreciates that feedback may include sensitive business information and expressly accepts this information in confidence to encourage fulsome and accurate participation. Profile information related to  each response is being collected for the purposes of facilitating clarification and follow-up activities, as well as allowing the AESO to aggregate the results in a meaningful way.

    The AESO is a public body subject to the provisions of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (“FOIP Act”). Access to information rights granted under the FOIP Act are subject to mandatory exceptions to disclosure that prohibit access to certain third party information supplied explicitly or implicitly in confidence, when disclosure could reasonably be expected to, among other things, significantly harm the business interests of a third party or when disclosure would unreasonably invade an individual’s privacy (FOIP Act, Sections 16 and 17 respectively).  

    If third party information is requested under the FOIP Act, the AESO is required to notify each affected party and request representations regarding disclosure. 

    Questions related to participation in this process can be directed to

    Additional resources

    In 2013, the AESO explored how energy storage could improve the grid without compromising reliability and efficiency.

    Energy storage recommendation paper [Posted: June 18, 2015]

    Contact us

    Please email us at if you have any comments or questions on this initiative.